West Mersea Assembly Hall
Gospel Hall Church
East Road, West Mersea, CO5 8HA, Essex
The Assembly meetings commenced in a hut used as an Estate Office on the opposite side of the road to where the current building is. 
Mr Callow, a Christian builder from a North London Assembly, together with his son from Leominster, came to build property on the Island, seeing the potential for people to commute to the city. However the railway link never materialised and today Mersea is still truly an Island when the tide covers the Strood. However, they commenced the Assembly work in 1906 together with their wives and Mr. Charles Hearsum who cycled nine miles from Colchester to join and give help. (Later following World War I Mr. Hearsum, his wife and three sons moved to the Island) 
A new hall was built and opened in June 1910. 


Additions were added in 1926 and 1934 by local brethren. 
During 1910 Mr. Samuel Glen, a Counties Evangelist for Essex joined the Assembly. Blessing was seen as he worked in the gospel, locally and in the surrounding villages and then onto Maldon and Braintree. (Assemblies were established in Maldon and Braintree sometime later) People from the Island and around were saved and baptised and received into the fellowship of the Assembly. Several from Maldon and Colchester were also baptised in the Hall. 
A card stating the Assembly’s beliefs was produced. 


Mr. Glen’s daughter and her husband are among those in Assembly fellowship at the present time. In 1929 Miss Fereday came to live on the Island and her brother, the late W. W. Fereday would come and give help in the Assembly. 
During World War II Mr. J. B. Glenville was stationed in Mersea and would be seen walking to the Assembly gatherings carrying his large bible. After the war he would visit to minister the Word of God and preach the gospel until he was no longer able to. He always had a thought for those he came into contact with. 
Some members of the fellowship, now in their 80s, remember the large Sunday School led by the local GP Dr. Grant, who was well respected for his testimony among the Islanders. Gospel Meetings saw the hall full, many being fishermen. People walked from East & West Mersea to attend the meetings usually twice or three times on a Lord’s Day. There were Bible classes – one for young men and the other for young women, who were systematically taught the Word of God, saved, baptised and received into the fellowship of the Assembly. 
During the summer months, an open air meeting would be held 1 ½ miles in the village outside the Parish Church at 8 p.m. and during the week on a Thursday evening at different locations on the Island, people would cycle or walk to attend these meetings. 
The first baptism in the hall was in January 1921 and the first wedding in July 1926. 
Many respected brethren came to minister the Word of God, and those serving the Lord abroad would come to give a report of assembly work in those early days in Africa, India, Paraguay, France and Thailand. In 1972 monthly ministry meetings were commenced and continue to this day. Many Christians have gathered and been blessed over the years by the Word of God which has been faithfully taught by able brethren.